Commercial Real Estate

Southern Capital Funding Network provides financing advisory services to current owners of commercial real estate or real estate investors looking to purchase or develop new properties.

We specialize in refinancing small-balance commercial assets with loan amounts from $250,000 up to $5 million.

For the small business owner or real estate investor who already owns their building, we have alternative refinancing programs for a variety of reasons to include, ballooning mortgage note, rate-term refinancing to lower high interest rate, or lengthen amortization, cash-out existing equity, or buy-out investment partner.

We work with lenders and funding sources that provide alternative financing options for all commercial asset types, as well as all credit situations.

Our lenders offer small-balance lending programs with loan to values up to 80%, with No Doc, Lite Doc, Bank Statement, Stated Income and Full-doc income programs and credit scores as low as 500. Interest rates range from 5% - 9% depending on credit score and loan-to-value. Loan terms are usually up to a 30 year fixed or 5/1 ARM.

We have multiple other conventional as well as alternative lending programs as well to include:

  • Bank Loans: Fixed rates as low as 4%, no prepayment penalties, with 15 - 20-year amortizations.

  • Bridge Loans: Short-term financing options, with 1 – 3-year terms and 15 to 20-year amortizations. Interest rates on these products vary but typically between 6% -9%. This product allows the borrower time to stabilize the property, repair credit issues, do repairs and prepare for long-term financing. 

  • CMBS Loans: Long term financing option with low interest rates and longer amortizations. Typically for loan amounts above $10 million. These loans are “securitized” into a pool and then sold back to investors in the form of bonds.

  • SBA Loans: 7a and 504 loan products are useful for purchasing owner-occupied businesses and acquiring facilities, and working capital. Interest rates and typically in the 4% - 6% range but provide stable long-term financing solution.

  • FHA, USDA and HUD Loans: Federal lending programs designed for acquiring, rehabilitating, or building multi-family rental housing, senior housing, student housing and rural business properties. Low rates and longer amortization, but government processing and funding averages 6 months or more.